Wednesday, March 5, 2008

General Election 2008 - Heated Political Rallies

The political rallies heat up the on-going election campaign and they fill the air in Sibu with tense excitement.

You may jeer at the rallies, saying that they are just avenue for the candidates to air their rhetoric to hook voters.

In reality, election rallies are a perfect venue for the contesting parties to get across to the public their political stand on burning issues and their aspirations for the nation.

This time around in Sibu, political rallies are staged every night at different strategic locations by SUPP, DAP and PKR.

Judging from the sizes of the turn-up, it appears that DAP is most appealing to the electorate. The party's eloquent hit-out on sizzling hot issues make their ceramah very engrossing to the electorate.

The voters are moderately responsive to SUPP's rally. The party's steadfast stand on development, stability and prosperity is most down-to-earth and relevant

PKR has relatively scant presence in Sibu and its foothold here is still weak. Nevertheless, Robert Lim manages to garner some grass-root support to keep the campaign going. Tonight, YB Dominique Ng is going to bombard DAP and SUPP at PKR's meet-the-rakyat session.

You really can't afford to miss out the steamy election campaign!

The picture shows YB Dominique Ng blasting out at an election rally: I want to make public of discreditable facts!


Anonymous said...

What is so down to earth about dreaming of mega projects only the SUPP aka Barisan Nasional is able to accomplish because they have the money but forgetting the plight of ordinary people ! Yet they still want to buy votes for RM 100 per vote.

Anonymous said...

Dominique Ng may become the federal minister one day, if Keadilan will rule the country. You never know!

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, but our medical services at the government hospitals at extremely affordable charges are commentable!

Anonymous, or, if one day after garnering sizeable Malay support, PKR decides to team up with BN, then YB Dominique Ng would have the chance.

Anonymous said...

Who in the blue hell is Dominic Ng?And where in the blue hell does he get his YB?

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, just to update you, YB Dominique Ng is the ADUN for Stampin. He has been bringing up issues in DUN for almost two years.

John said...

dominique ng is Yb for Padungan, kuchiing