Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sibu bloggers' meet being mooted

It was our usual tea time at Meng Lei's office after 5:00 pm yesterday when we sipped the freshly brewed tea and munched on luscious yam roll fried to perfection.

Over a cup of aromatic tea and tempting snacks, we blah on a wide spectrum of topics ranging from our CM's political upheavals to the plunging greenback. It is a real fun time chatting and laughing away on anecdotes. At times, the rollicking moments can get us very much carried away!

Meng Lei is this ad hoc group's de facto organiser. So far, he has managed the tea party time well and made it a session for everybody to look forward to having the next one.

Yesterday, out of the blue, Meng Lei mooted the idea to call a Sibu bloggers' meet. It sounded pretty exciting and I believe it would be well received. Anyway, let's all hope for the meet to materialise!


my said...

We had a mini bloggers meet :)


Anonymous said...

i'm gonna make my own journal

Anonymous said...

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