Monday, December 3, 2007

Meng Lei and "Sibu-Swan City"

Meng Lei has a flair for writing. He is a popular columnist and a renowned author to several books of varied topics.
I first met Meng Lei years back in 1970 when I was made to jam into Chung Cheng's hostel room with 22 other boarders during which time a 72-day curfew was notoriously imposed to combat the communist terrorists.
Meng Lei has a good sense of humour. In a group chatting over tea, he has got that wits to enliven everybody with jokes.
Recently, he authored one book titled "Sibu-Swan City". This pictorial book on Sibu is unique in contents, and it is by far one of the best illustrated collections on spots of interest in Sibu.
The book has a brief account of the past and present, giving readers a quick run-down of Sibu. Concisely written, "Sibu-Swan City" makes a pleasurable reading. With lots of picture insertions shot with most admirable photography skills, the book is simply a guide to Sibu.
All those in tourism industry, including taxi drivers, if they are Chinese-literate, are strongly advised to have a copy for reference.
The picture shows Meng Lei holding the book.

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