Sunday, December 2, 2007

SJK (C) Ung Nang - Awards-giving Day

SJK (C) Ung Nang (previously called Ung Nang Primary School during my time) in Bukit Lan is my dear mother school.

The school has strong sentimental ties to me because it nourished my childhood growth and accompanied me through my early education. As such, it has left me with tons of sweet memories for me to cherish.

Ung Nang held its annual Awards - giving and Gathering Day to give recognition to outstanding performers who passed with flying colours in the recent UPSR. The result was a record with one pupil scoring 7 As, making the school shine. "The astounding success is an impetus for us to work even harder," Mr. Wong Su Seng, the principal, said in his welcoming speech.

Datuk YB Robert Lau Hoi Chew, a Federal Deputy Minister and an alumnus of Ung Nang, was invited to be the guest of honour.

In his speech, Datuk stressed the paramount importance of education in a nation - building. "If you want to beat poverty, go for education," he called on parents.

The awards served both as a recognition and an incentive.
The lovely pupils presented excellent dance and drama items to make the morning a lot more lively and entertaining.
The gathering was drawn to a close with a prayer by Pastor Chieng Buong Kui. Thereafter, the programme took everybody to a lunch reception .

The most wonderful of all this morning was my opportunity to mingle with some alumni and contemporaries. It was such a great time chatting with Yii Ming Teng and Ling Sie Mee over our lunch on issues of interest.


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Yong Sun,

It would be a lot more interesting if we can put them down in writing for sharing.

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