Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You have got to fork out more in December

Sibuians are gonna to get it next month - kopi-o, teh chi, teh-o, kampua, char mi, char kueh teow and char mihoon are all set to go up in pricing.

It would be a pinch on flesh for ordinary folks.

Sibu Coffee Merchants Chamber Association yesterday decided to up all with effect from Dec. 1 to transfer the rising costs to poor consumers.

The uptrend is inevitable, but the new pricing is a sure hit on the lower income group.

But, my friends, the above is seemingly only a prelude to a much harder nip in 2008.

The declining greenback, spiralling oil prices, rocketing commodities and surging gold prices - they all point to a mounting inflationary pressure building up worldwide.

Worse still for us, our government is poised to reduce, albeit gradually, oil subsidy to shift away the financial burden. Its fuller effect would be felt next year.

Ahead of us is going to be a tougher time.

The picture is by courtesy of United Daily -kopitiam is brewing a hike in pricing.

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