Thursday, November 22, 2007

America in 2008

Today, our hotel ( ) started putting on Christmas melodies in the background music to catch on with the creeping festive season.

The tenderly loving music is so very soothing. As I indulged in it, a stark reminder flashed across my mind - that the year is soon drawing to a close! Goodness, time just slips away like that!

As I wallowed in a moment of nostalgia, it suddenly occurred to me that it is time again for me to put my stroke of pen down to write an outlook in 2008 for The Methodist Message.

2008 looks set to be turbulent. I was much struck by the cover of the latest issue of The Economist which gives a very telling picture of the likely scenario ahead of us.

The cover looks deceivingly like a poster of JAWS, a blockbuster by Steven Spielberg in 1975. It gives a perfect reflection of what would be the likely scenario next year.

If JAWS has thrilled you and made you yell out, be prepared for the same excitement in 2008!

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