Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We reached out to them - Selangau Methodist Preaching Point - Part 3 (Final)

It was a satisfying dinner that gave contentment to all.

The next programme took us to Selangau Methodist Preaching Point for a fellowship gathering.

As we gathered together unto Lord, we truly experienced all the warmth in the heart. The cordial smiles and handshakes drew us closer in the love of our Lord.

Quoting Ephesians 1:1-16, Rev. Kong Chong Lin shared with us on living up to calling by God.

"As christians, you have to try to live out your lives following Christ Jesus. Be humble always and gentle, and patient too. Be forbearing with one another and charitable," Rev. Kong called on the fellowshippers.

Peter Goh chipped in with an amusing quiz, sending the floor to explosive laughters occasionally.

Selangau left with us memories to be cherished - the good foods stimulated our appetite; the fellowship warmed up our hearts; Rev. Kong's spiritual message taught us to be humble in Christ. It was a great time with superb fun for our fellowshippers.

See you there next year!

Our DS Rev. Kong - living up to calling by God .

Our token of appreciation .
A group photo - the fellowship warmed up our hearts.

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