Monday, November 19, 2007

We reached out to them - Selangau Methodist Preaching Point - Part 2

Selangau is about halfway between Sibu and Mukah. It has long become a stop-over point for land travellers passing by.

This inland town is widely renowned for wildlife meat, deliciously prepared to tickle the tastebuds of food connoisseurs.

Heavily spiced venison, succulent wild boar meat with herbs, turtle meat in creamy sauce, etc, just to name a few, are the specialties to whet the appetite of food lovers from far and near.

Laying out on the tables, freshly cooked from the wok and steaming with aroma were the appetizing wildlife dishes, cangkuk manis ( or in Foochow, la kian cai ) fried with eggs and soup with mixed ingredients - all looked so stimulating that we all gave a big " wow " !

Rev. Kong Chon Lin led us in a thanksgiving prayer before we settled down to a delectable meal.

Prepared to our full satisfaction - we all gave thumbs up to the appetizing dishes.

Fully engrossed in the delicacies - it was certainly a hearty meal.
In the worship hall of Selangau Methodist Preaching Point - we were gathering together unto Lord!

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