Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our visitation to the old folks' home - Part 1

Visitation is to extend our caring hands to the poor and needy!

MAF of Sibu East District set out to Rumah Seri Kenangan Sibu at 22KM, Jalan Oya this afternoon for a social care visit to show our compassion to the old folks.

Through this, we also hoped to bring to them the eternal peace and happiness in Christ Jesus.

We kicked off at 2:30 pm with a sing-along led by Sia Yiik Ming with Peter God as guitarist. The melodies were soothing and touching, making me feel much moved. Yiik Ming intermingled his lead with Foochow and BM, thus bringing it a lot closer to the audience.

After that, I gave a welcoming address, which was then followed by a sharing by Lay Preacher Wong Kang Hua.

LP Wong excited the group with a biblical message on eternal peace and happiness. "It is only through Jesus Christ that you feel peaceful and happy eternally," she reached out to the old folks in a clear tone.

The meaningful gathering concluded with a closing prayer by LP Wong who is blessed with fluency in Mandarin, BM and Bahasa Iban. The audience benefited to the full in her intermingled use of Foochow and Bahasa Iban throughout the session.

We brought along some gifts which we hoped to share with the needy to show our love.

In the course of distribution, I was much touched by their radiant faces. I hope the love of God will continue to shine on them, making them sing with joy daily to our Lord!

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