Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our visitation to the old folks' home - Part 2

When I was as a student in Australia at Monash University, the OCF fellowshippers organised bi-annual visits to the old folks' home as a show of our love to the needy groups.

The material had not made the old folks any happier. Spiritually they were lacking and lonely. They looked forward to having fellowship with us !

We sang to them the inspiring hymns, shared with them our love in Christ Jesus, spent time talking to them and provided them with our listening ears. They loved it and joined us in praising Lord.

Departing the place always turned out to be the most difficult to bear for the fellowshippers.

On one occasion, I witnessed one old lady holding one sister's hand in tight grip with tears streaming down, telling her to come again to sing to her.

This scene was most memorable and touching. It still stays deep and vivid in my memory.

The picture shows the entrance to Rumah Seri Kenangan Sibu - the old folks need more than just material comfort.

Sia Yiik Ming and Peter Goh leading the sing-along - the lonely group needs hymns of love.
Lay Preacher Wong Kang Hua sharing on eternal happiness and peace - the spiritual foods are equally important.
We sang to inspire them.
They were engrossed in the words of God and songs of love!

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