Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kuching Talk - it talks about Sarawak

Sarawak seems to be all out on the catch-up with tourism.

Our State Government has taken a lead with the private sector following through, which altogether make the tourism industry a lot more exciting, talked-about and happenings-filled.

Besides Happenings which is set to feature the central region in Q1 of 2008, Kuching Talk, another innovative tourism publication, also targets to bring Sibu to the forefront in the same period. Wow! Sibu seems to be hilarious in the start-off of 2008.

With highly prominent publicity to take on Sibu, the region is set to be focused for maximum attention.

Yesterday, the major players in Sibu tourism industry met up with Ivy Pan and Christina Mamora in Datuk Tiong Thai King's office in SMC for a short briefing session on the proposed coverage and advertisement support.

Kuching Talk has an excellent layout design and impressive contents, all are well intended to take Sarawak by leaps and bounds in tourism developments.

The concept of Kuching Talk is very noble. It deserves our support which is much needed. Sibu is very fortunate to have Ivy Pan and her team coming in to feature for effective publicity. Let's give them a big hand.


traveller said...

look at pahang. the people went out to get tourists from taiwan with chartered flights (as reported in the news). what is our state doing? just sit back and talk and hope that people will come by chance.

Tony Hii said...

Our Sarawak Tourism Board is precisely doing the same promotion drive overseas. STB has a line-up of roadshows in places like Europe and Australia. Kuching Talk is just a complementary role by our private sector to boost the tourism industry. Thank you for showing your concern and this is what we need urgently!