Friday, November 9, 2007

Khairy Jamaluddin - an UMNO young leader to watch out

A flamboyant Khairy Jamaluddin, Vice-chairman of UMNO Youth Wing, stole all the limelight during the UMNO General Assembly.

Dubbed as a promising upcoming politician with astounding charisma, Khairy took the General Assembly as a platform for personal shining.

Firstly, he happily let the political writter S.H. Alattas to sell his face through a book titled "Khairy Jamaluddin Perdana Menteri?". Selling like hot cakes among the delegates, the book, priced at RM50, made Khairy the most talked- about young leader during the GA. Wow! Khairy has all the wits to walk tall and make great strides to project himself as a potential leader.

Secondly, Khairy also capitalised on the oil subsidy by calling on the government to favour the poor. This instantly touched the hearts of the masses and won him a vote of popularity. He is truly an opportunist, but, again, it is perfectly alright to be so in politics!

Khairy Jamaluddin is indeed a figure in UMNO to watch out!

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