Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our Astronaut Was Blasted Off To Space

I was a space fan, by any standard, when I was in my teens. My zeal drove me to read all news about space and collected all space-related stamps that came to my attention. I would engross in sharing with other fans about space for hours without getting bored. The enthusiasm at one stage made me ambitious to become a space scientist.

Now I only have the old space stamps to browse through for recollecting my teenage dreams.

When Malaysia's first astronaut was blasted off to space yesterday, I couldn't help to recall all my teenage zeal for space.

Come to think of it, our government's efforts are understandable. The whole space programme is to arouse the nation's interest in space science, thereby propelling Malaysia to a more scientifically developed nation.

The above may be just a humble beginning, but let's give our nation a big cheer!

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