Friday, October 12, 2007

Coffee - It's just wonderful!

I love coffee and I have long got addicted to it. Certainly, I am not hooked on it, but the aroma of it easily drives me euphoric.

I developed my love for coffee when I was in KL pursuing Victorian HSC at Taylor's College. During that most memorable two years of studies, Nescafe quietly crept into my life - and I fell for it.

A cup of Nescafe then would keep me company throughout lazy afternoons when I had to work towards the goal of going to Australia for further studies.

At Roberts Hall of Residence in Monash University where I stayed throughout my course of studies, free -yes, absolutely fee - coffee was served in the common room in the evenings to keep students warm and awake. During cold evenings, a cup of hot coffee was excellent for warmimg up - and I never missed it.

In 80s when I went on frenzy diet to trim off all the excesses, I changed my taste to coffee without sugar. I found that coffee served in this format was even better - seriously! Sugarless coffee gives the original taste of it in the most wonderful way.

I have to break off for a cup of coffee now.

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