Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hwai Ang Methodist Church's Charity Sales - Together They Made It!

This charity sales was a hands-on and hands-together affair and they made it with astounding success!

I was much impressed by the overall set-up and lay-out of the funds raising sales by Hwai Ang Methodist Church. The church went on a massive drive to source sufficient funds to finance the extension project.

Well organised - yes, that was my deep down impression after I made a round to the site. I went there with Yian to spend off the charity tickets on hand. We set out in time to be early birds to avoid crowds and parking woes.

There, in the midst of the crowds, I saw Mr. Young Ing Kai bustling about. I shook his hand to congratulate him on the successfully run sales. Tight running had not tired him out - in fact, he beamed with satisfaction. Our God must have blessed him with stronger shoulders.

I ran into hosts of others whom I had not met up for ages. Great - the sales also turned into a meet-together occasion!

I truly witnessed a hands-together serving for the love of Christ in this morning's charity sales at Hwai Ang Methodist Church. They let the love of Christ to run the sales, to move them on and to prevail above all.

Praise God for that!

The picture shows the sisters giving untiring service - they simply let the love of Chtist to move them on.

Fresh coconuts cut open on the spot for you - they put their hands on to serve God.
Pork section - yes, together the made it possible.
A makeshift eatery - you named it, they had it! Wow!

Yian with her mother - they met up at the sales and indulged in chatting away.

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