Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Calling From Far-away

It has always been like warm spring flowing down my heart to receive e-mails from long-time buddies far-away in overseas. Touching because of sentimental ties and their calling tends to flow my memories back to the good old days! Alas, time and tide wait for no man, and time could never possibly flow back. All that is possible is to track down the sweet traces from the huge sea of memories.

Yii Berk was my school mate in Chung Cheng Secondary School. Jovial and good humoured, Yii Berk radiated happiness and he easily livened up his friends with him. In short, he seemed to be happy all the time.

Sometime ago, I managed to get hold of his e-mail from his family in Sibu. I e-mailed to him forthwith to keep him in touch. His reply from California reached my mail box this morning.

I lost touch with Yii Berk for long, long time. It is wonderful to be able to establish this contact. Cheers!

Clement Ling e-mailed two very refreshing messages (in video and photographs) for my viewing pleasure. They are engrossing and interesting. I told Clement: They practically woke me up.

Wow! What a wonderful day today!

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