Tuesday, October 9, 2007

All The Powerful Smashes - Day 2 (Final)

Competiting in the fellowship of Christ is the primary objective of the event.

It was a testimony that we had no jeers or sneers, but cheers. As we competed in brotherly spirits, we all laughed away with wining and losing alike. Afterall, it was the love of Christ that prevailed above all.

The new scoring rule speeded up very much the programme. As such, there was no buzzing about dragging on to late hours. Praise God for the enlightenment.

Punctuality was still much to be desired. Delayed submission of team line-up was recurrent despite repeated reminders.

The competition was categorised into senior and junior, with the senior being more talented whilst junior relatively greener. This division was to cater for the needs of differential in standards.

The two -evening competition was finally drawn to a close at 11: pm. The much awaited results were announced to the anxious teams with roaring cheers.

Senior category: Champion - Hwai Ang Church

1st Runner-up - The Masland Church

2nd Runner-up - Xin Fu Yuan Church

3rd Runner-up - Sing Ang Church

Junior Category : Champion - Hwai Ang Church (Team B)

1st Runner-up - Logos Church

2nd Runner-up - Hwai Ang Church (Team A)

3rd Runner-up - Zion Church

Our advisor Rev. Wong Tuong Toh gave away all the prizes , after which he brought the event to a conclusion with a closing prayer.

The picture shows the opening smash-off to a God-blessed event.

MAF of Hwai Ang Church - the champion of the senior category. They deserved it!
The first runner-up of the senior category - MAF of The Masland Church. A good effort, indeed!
Junior category - the championship goes to Hwai Ang Church (Team B). They worked hard for it!
MAF of Logos Church - they ended up the first runner-up of the junior category. They have great potentials!

Let's all meet again in 2008!

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