Monday, October 8, 2007

All The Powerful Smashes - Day 1

The Methodist Adult Fellowship of Sibu East District, once again, organised a district level badminton competition for the fellowshippers who love badminton. The DS of SED Rev. Kong Chong Lin and our advisor Rev. Wong Tuong Toh smashed to start off the event held at Centenary Hall in SMK Sacred Heart, Sibu at 7:15 pm.

All in all, 14 teams from 10 Methodist Adult Fellowships took part to flex their muscles. Badminton is regarded as a strenuous exercise, but our adults seem to have all the strength to take it with ease. Wow! What a marvellous group of fellowshippers! I like their show of energies and spirits!

Organising badminton competition calls for experience , and requires expert skill and knowledge. As we are just Jacks , we decided to call in Sibu Badminton Association to give assistance in programme arrangement to lend more professionalism to the competition.

The hall was filled with hits and strikes as the matches rolled on with smoothness and cheers. I did not take part, but I was very much carried away as I engrossed in the heart-stopping matches.

Towards 11:00 pm, there was a feedback that it was running late. As such, we decided to cut it short and move the rest to the following day. We also called a short team managers' meeting during which the scoring rule (from service-over format to point format) was rectified for the following day's matches. The idea was to speed up the programme. According to Philip Kong, this would give a time saving of a whopping 50%.

Owing to shortage of time, I am not able to upload the photographs that I took for sharing. Watch out for the post tomorrow!

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