Sunday, October 7, 2007

Beautiful Sunday - driving the world to frenzy

Sunday morning, up with the lark

I think I'll take a walk in the park

Hey, hey, hey, it is a beautiful day

I've got someone waiting for me

And when I see her I know that she'll say

Hey, hey, hey, what a beautiful day...................

It sounds so very familiar to those who went through 70s. Yes, it is part of the lyric of "Beautiful Sunday" , the song by Daniel Boone that drove the whole world frenzy in 1972.

I was then in Chung Cheng Secondary School as a junior student. When the song hit the market, it stirred up and drove teenagers to frenzy. Almost everywhere I went to, I heard singing, humming or buzzing about the hot, hot, hot song! I was literally moved by it!

On a few occasions, I heard Mr. Cheng Sieng Kiong, our Geography teacher, humming the song after class. Wow! Wow! Everybody seemed to be captured by the spell of Daniel Boone.

This is one of the oldies that I cherish very much. My memories flow back to the good old days at Chung Cheng whenever I recollect the beautiful lyric of " Beautiful Sunday".

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