Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's pain in my heart

Yian's fractured ankle has practically confined her to minimal movements. It follows naturally that we have to share out the house chores to keep things moving!

Sidney, Allen and Pauline all come together with assigned household duties at Yian's directive.

It is a delightful whole family's affair now with everybody on the move.

As I helped Yian to the living room to follow up on her favourite T.V. programme, it flashed through my mind that God has provided a wonderful opportunity for us to learn to put hands together to shoulder the household duties.

Yian's fracture has obvious improvement as pain subsides. The healing seems to go on fine. Praise God for that.

Yian's trauma is a pain in my heart. I ask God for stronger shoulders for her to lean against as we go through this bumpy road together.


King Tai said...

Tony, pray that your wife is better now. Appreciate your positive attitude towards trials in life. God will take care of you and your loved ones.

Tony Hii said...

Rev. Tie,

Thank you for your encouragement.