Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happenings in Sarawak

Happenings - it is a tourism magazine authentically of Sarawak, for Sarawak and by Sarawak.

Uniquely stylish and lavish in printing, Happenings is adorable even on the very first sight of it. When Roger, a veteran journalist of Eastern Times, passed a copy to me, I was deeply impressed.

I met up with Angelina Liew, the mastermind of the publication, two days ago in Cafe Palmelia.

Petite but vibrant-looking, Angelina talked with confidence and vision on her commitment to promoting the local tourism.

"We may be just a new hit, but we have a strong vision to promote Sarawak as a tourist destination," Angelina radiated much enthusiasm as she shared with me her perspective.

"In promoting Sarawak, all of us have a role to play," Angelina put the challenge to all Sarawakians. I concur with her.

Happenings is distributed complimentary - yes, absolutely at no charge. It is published quarterly at a circulation of 10,000 copies.

The upcoming volume 6 is going to focus on the central region. Angelina offers very competitive rates to advertisers which initially put me to disbelief.

Fully in colour printing, Happenings has potentials to make things happen in the tourism industry in Sarawak.

I wish Angelina and Happenings all the best!

You may visit http:// to give them support morally!

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