Monday, October 29, 2007

Allen starts working today

Allen has been too much like an indoor plant - protected and relatively unexposed. As such, he is still naive on outside world, making him more like a big boy than a teen of his age.
That casts a cloud of concern over him. With that in view, I decided to put Allen to work after his PMR to help him grow in mentality, maturity and independence.
Premier Departmental Store is my obvious choice as it is annexed to my work place, making it easier for pick-up and send-off.
Allen has been given flexibility to stick to afternoon shift since he is still schooling in the morning. He will be on normal roster once the school holiday commences. My appreciation goes to the management for the consideration.
The job is going to give Allen an excellent chance to walk out of his present comfort zone and enter a world of reality to experience life.
At the age of 15, Allen stands tall physically, almost reaching my height. I hope the work exposure would propel him to a greater height in maturity, making him more independent and sociable.

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