Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Global Issue, A Pinch On Everybody

Surging food prices is now a global issue pinching hard on everybody. Locally, it drives all walks of life to suffocation. In kopitiam, it is ranked top as a burning topic for Sibuians nowadays.

I have the issue at heart and fully feel the pressure as everybody does. To hit the issue off, I contributed an article for the upcoming issue of The Methodist Message on this global trend.

That day, Yian mumbled to me,"Going at the present magnitude, we have to fork out an extra of 200 ringgit, at least, per month." A classic low-key voice of concern by a housewife.

But, worse is yet to come.

The spiralling international oil price is going to hit hard locally after the upcoming general elections. By then, the chain effect is going to build up even stronger pressure on inflation.

Ordinary folks are most helpless in the present suffocating situation. Tumi aptly sums up their deep down feelings in her recent post ( ) in two sentences . Good try!

The picture shows foods on sale - cheap food era is now all over!

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