Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From Faraway In Solomon

Canned Skipjack Tuna, e-mails, attachments, photos of interest............Hock Lai is never short of giving me surprises! From thousands of miles away in Solomon, he enlivens my otherwise dull afternoons with light moments through e-mails.

Hock Lai, my buddy since childhood, crossed over to a greener pasture in Solomon in April this year.

A strong believer in taking challenges in life, Hock Lai told me he wished to embark on the golden stage of his life with even more meaningful contributions. Although his career in Solomon took him to faraway from lovely Sibu, he is happy with it. God has a wonderful planning for him.

This afternoon, amidst heaps of seemingly unending work, Hock Lai gave me a good break with photos.

This ugly-looking creature is a coconut crab. It lives on coconut - that is where the name is derived from. Coconut crab climbs up coconut tree to pluck coconuts. It then uses its strong pair of pincers to cut open the fruits for food.

Lobster - Wow! It is a regular dish in Solomon.
Hock Lai with the local children - it is a challenge to face a different culture.


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