Friday, October 19, 2007

Pepper - King of all spices

The Chairman of Malaysian Pepper Board YB Datuk Richard Riot Jaem used a blowpipe to prick open ballons to declare open MPB Open Day.

MPB (formerly known as Pepper Marketing Board) is a government arm to promote pepper. In
2007, Malaysia is the world's fifth largest exporter of pepper. The potential of this commodity is enormous, especially with the rise of China as a economic giant.

Pepper has been a renowned spice - in fact, it is commonly called " king of all spices". So you know how charismatic it is!

I went to the open day at the invitation of MPB Sibu Branch. It opened my eyes to innovative pepper products produced locally. All that we have to do is to market the products with intelligence.

The picture shows the opening in progress - you need to aim your market at the right spot.

The picture shows the cooking demonstration - you have to convince the markets with quality products.

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