Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let's all excel - A night of praise - giving -Part 1

Duo acts (xiang sheng) , aerobics with music of praise (zan mei cao), music drama, group singing, song dramas, drama......all these presentations were set to carry across a strong message to the audience - that as adult fellowshipers, we all can live out our lives excellently by following Jesus Christ.

As the speaker Rev. Tie King Tai pointed out, excelling is simply by living out Jesus in our daily life.

A high-powered speaker, Rev. Tie is renowned for being explicitly clear in his messages on biblical points. At times, out of compassion and love, he is stern in his sermons in order to send across wake-up calls to church members, which may easily send some of their ears burning-hot.

Let's all excel -A night of praise-giving (Jing Cai Zhi Ye) is a combined gathering of the 15 Methodist Adult Fellowships in Sibu East District, to be held annually, with the purposes of praise-giving and sharing.

This year, we planned to hold it at Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church on September 8.

The picture shows MAF of The Masland Church presenting a very enthralling Zan Mei Cao.

MAF of Tien En Church gave a very creative song drama presentation themed The True Wealth. They won a big round of applause..
MAF of Ai Ming Church presented a song dance.
A group singing - MAF of Peace Church sang up to praise Lord.
MAF of Siong Tau Church presented a melodious group singing.

The above pictures are by courtesy of Wong Meng Lei http://www.mengleiwong.blogspot.com/

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