Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Let's all excel - A night of praise - giving -Part 2

Let age set no limit on adult fellowshippers in their service to our Lord.

Westerners strongly believe that life begins only at 50. It was propounded more than twenty years back to motivate senior group to lead a more excellent life in their golden age.

Rev. Tie, in his message, shared that he turned 50 this year. He set a fine example in his continuous service to Lord at a pace far more energetic than a lot of younger group.

Devote your golden age to more meaningful use - and lead an age of excellence. This is the thrust that Rev. Tie King Tai put across to a crowd of close to 800.

As the programme moved on, I was very touched - not by the melodious music, but by the performers' overflowing spirit for an excellent life. A clear message was transmitted to the audience - that age would in no way set a limit on them.

The picture shows Rev. Tie King Tai - age seems to set no limit on him.

Xiang Sheng themed Thanks-giving by MAF of Zion Church.
Another Xiang Sheng show themed White Cat, Black Cat by MAF of Hwai Ang Church.
A presentation by MAF of Logos Church - recital of Psalm 8.
The picture shows the crowded church hall.

The pictures are by courtesy of Wong Meng Lei.


Hock Lai said...

Thank you very much for the brief report on - A night of praise giving.
I really miss a lot for not being in Sibu.

Tony Hii said...

Hock Lai,

Many thanks for your reading and comments. I hope Lord will continue to guide you in Solomon.

I attribute Jin Cai Je Ye to our Lord's blessings and guidance.