Thursday, August 9, 2007

NATEF 2007 - Part 3 (Final)

Today, participants to NATEF 2007 have started to arrive from all over the places. We have a fair share of the accommodation requirements, although Premier Hotel is not the venue for the forum.

Yesterday I requested to SMC for a banner to be hung in front of our hotel for publicity. They did it this morning - cheers to them for the fast response!

NATEF 2007 is organised by Sibu Municipal Council for a duration of four days from 9th to 12th of August. It is mind-boggling to Sibuians since the forum concerns toilet - seriously an unthinkable topic in the past.

But as Sibu thrives, it has to face up to issues like cleanliness of public toilets - issues now of special relevance since it is moving in top gear towards achieving elevation to city status.

Sibu also narrows down tourism as one of the industries that it can viably develop into an economic base.

To this effect, Sibu's infrastructural and public facilities have to be of tourist quality in order to have the edge. The timing for NATEF is , therefore, just right for Sibu!

I hope the forum will be particularly beneficial to Sibu.

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