Friday, August 10, 2007

NATEF 2007 - Exhibition

I popped in to the exhibition venue on the ground floor of Wisma Sanyan for a round of visits to keep myself staying at the forefront of the market trend and open my eyes to more latest products.

The exhibition is not that wide-ranging - it covers only sanitaryware, accessories and some toiletries.

But the booths set up by some government departments are very informative in their materials, providing useful coverage on their efforts to improve the awareness of toilet hygiene locally.

It is worthwhile for Sibuians to drop in for a visit to gain an in-depth understanding of our government's role in promoting toilet cleanliness culture and upgrading the quality of our public toilets. It is all well-intentioned for the betterment of the rakyat.

The picture shows the leaflets on display - they are both educational and informative.

SMC's booth displays the works of Sibu Toilet Council - an aggressive arm of SMC to push for improvement in toilet cleanliness, especially in kopitiam and public places. Up to now, there are a lot of thumbs up, frankly!
Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan (Ministry of Housing and Local Government) has a booth manned by two officers to disseminate its thrust on the culture of cleanliness in toilets. Very admirable indeed is their work - let's give cheers to them.
SRK Perbandaran Sibu No. 4 has constructed the First Model School Toilet in Malaysia. Sibuians, this is a great honour! On display at the booth is comprehensive information pertaing to the school's project. The model toilet will be officially opened on August 11.


traveller said...

I feel sorry about our situation - the standard of civilisation in Malaysia. Even the use of toilet has to be educated in schools and public? I think this kind of basic education should start from age 1

Tony Hii said...

I agree - after 50 years of nationhood, we are still far behind in certain aspects (for example,toilets in public places). But it is heartening to note our government is thrusting forward and getting down to the basics to raise up our standard. Let's give them our support.

Tony Hii