Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Piccadilly Fish & Chips

Our fish and chips -The Piccadilly Fish & Chips - is an authentic western cuisine served in an unique oblong-shaped earthenware dish.

Let me recall my Monash days before I proceed further. Fish and chips was my favourite during my days at Monash University. At an affordable pricing, fish and chips was a popular take-away budget meal for students. Another equally famous meal for take-away was chicken and chips.

Fish and chips was originated from the United Kingdom. For decades , the food dominated the take-away sector in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

A perennial favourite with popular demands, The Piccadilly Fish & Chips is very temptingly presented with a serving that is just right.

The crispy and tasty fish is accompanied by asparagus, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, french fries, mixed vegetables salad and tartar sauce.

Together with a toasted bun and butter, the dish makes an excellent meal at a value-for-money price of RM22.50++.

If you are a fish and chips lover, you have no reason not to try out.

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Anonymous said...

The fish looks so small and the chips are so little.

Tony Hii said...

The picture is a little bit misleading in portraying the food portion. Actually, our portioning is above an average Asian standard. Anyway, i note with thanks your comment.

Jing said...

Any other place to introduce beside Cafe Palmelia? It looks like you are promoting Cafe Palmelia or you like the food there personally?