Wednesday, August 8, 2007

NATEF 2007 - Part 2

When I first arrived in Melbourne, Australia as a student, I was very amazed by the hygienic and odourlerss condition of the public toilets there. I almost couldn't believe it when I first stepped in to use it.

This was entirely a new experience for a kampung boy like me coming far away from Sibu. But right in front of me was a reality - and I knew I was not in a dream.

On one occasion after I settled down, I was at a shopping mall in Melbourne city with some Sibu guys. The toilet there was so perfectly clean that if I were to walk in blindfolded, I would have failed flat to guess where I was then.

You might think this is just one kind of an exaggeration. But that was precisely what I experienced in Melbourne.

In nurturing a good toilet cleanliness culture, we still have a long way to go. But at least we are moving somewhere - especially in Sibu.

Sibu Municipal Council has been working very hard, even relentlessly, to instil a sense of toilet culture in Sibuians. We have seen for ourselves a much improved toilet hygiene condition in kopitiam and public places now in Sibu.

Well done, SMC!

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