Tuesday, August 7, 2007

NATEF 2007 - Part 1

No longer is toilet a prohibitive word in public speaking. Shunning publicity was our past mentality on toilet -and now there is no more of this hideous culture ever since NATEF (National Toilet Exposition & Forum ) became a national agenda.

NATEF is now a national annual event. It is now into its second year and Sibu is the venue for it.

Very much awaited for, NATEF is in actuality a culture-breeding forum. According to Councilor Robert Lau, it aims to cultivate a correct toilet culture in our society.

It still sounds weird to talk about toilet in public in Asian societies. This out-dated mentality has to undergo reform to nurture a better life-style in our society.

The West has a better toilet culture which we are now emulating. The timing of NATEF is just perfect for us to instil a sense of toilet hygiene into our rakyat.

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