Monday, August 6, 2007

Sibu Carnival by Sin Chew - Part 2 (Final)

Then I noticed Bok Ah Chuan speaking eloquently on stage with a microphone, taking the audience mesmerized.

Bok is our loyal guest, coming to Sibu regularly on business.

Today, he was in formal dressing, making him look smart. But I am more used to his usual self - Bok in his casual attire with a cap. We all recognise him a quarter mile away!

I intended to step forward to snapshot him, but gave up because the stage was too far away.

After that, I made a round of the stalls to catch up with the products on display. Our market is always on the move and this is one way to be close to the trend.

One stall particularly caught my attention , and without hesitation, I snapped a shot of it for my blog. The stall was manned by some Chinese clans to sell local specialties for the sole purpose of raising funds for the private chinese secondary schools.

It was very touching to see Sibu chinese being so enthusiastic about chinese education , without whose support the private chinese secondary schools would not have survived so well.

Let's all give thumbs up to them.

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