Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FHM 2007 - Part 5

A lot of exhibitors provided samples for tasting to convince the visitors. This was an effective way to promote products. I am a coffee lover and for the whole two-day visiting, I had wonderful opportunities to sample coffee of different brands.

IT has penetrated every facet of hotel and food industry. I was being shown to a software package which makes order-taking and food preparation very highly technological.

Food presentation is essentially a form of art. The exhibition opened my eyes to a lot of splendid presentations of foods - all were so artistic that I was greatly amazed.

The picture shows an exhibitor taking great care to brew the best coffee for the on-looking visitors.

The pop corn served at this booth was perhaps the best I had ever tasted.
TOTAL SOLUTIONS provided a comprehensive range of kitchenware.
A software package provider to meet the industry's needs.
Themed GREEN VALLEY - I really love this wonderful food presentation.


traveller said...

How much does such an event at KLCC cost? How much would it cost if done in Sibu? Do you think Sibu can achieve this kind of standard?

Tony Hii said...

I just have no idea how much the organisers had to pay for the event to be held at KLCC. It might be at lower cost to hold the event in Sibu, but the problem is, we don't suitable venue for it.

Sibu is still far behind, but the consolation is, we are trying hard to improve.