Wednesday, August 29, 2007

FHM 2007 - Part 6

As the saying goes, consuming good food nourishes the body, but consuming good food displayed well nourishes the imagination. This tells the artistic value of food presentation.

I love the above quote and believe ardently that food is much more than just for physical consumption - it is actually a form of art, especially in its presentation aspect.

Garnishing and displaying with skills make food a lot more appealing and value-added. Food presentation has, therefore, become an integral part of food preparation.

The whole of Culinaire Malaysia was devoted to banquet setting,food decoration, platter arrangement, vegetable carving, artistic displays and fruits peeling/slicing/presentation techniques.

I was very much amazed by the high standard of skills demonstrated.

The picture shows a dessert display.

A very innovative presentation.
A display with a theme.
A live demonstration of fruit carving.
An appealing banquet setting.

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