Sunday, August 26, 2007

FHM 2007 - Part 3

When we reached KLCC, I was taken with excitement - firstly, this was the first time I saw KLCC and the Twin Towers in real buildings; secondly, the Twin Towers right in front of me at one time did Malaysia proud by being the world's tallest buildings.

The magnificent KLCC and the Twin Towers have impressive architectural designs with an overall uniqueness in themselves. The interiors are posh and of good taste.

My nephew told me that the retail outlets here mostly opt for brands and the pricing - haha, is all of upmarket range.

Even KFC here marks up pricing to incorporate value-added factor - but, the business is still buzzing, showing that our consumers are value-centred also.

I almost lost my way in the building, having to stop for a few times to enquire before I could reach the Convention Centre.

The picture shows a banquet setting by Hilton KL. The fineness was an eye-opener to me.

The picture shows a section of Food & Beverage equipment on display.
On show is an excellent lay-out of foods in a very artistic way.
Fine crockery on display to entice visitors into placing orders.
Giacomo International Tableware - it gives you a close inspection of its latest products.

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