Saturday, August 25, 2007

FHM 2007 - Part 2

I flew by AirAsia with our hotel's F&B Manager on August 22 to attend this event of international scale.

After touching down on LCC-T, we took a SkyTrain bus to KL Sentral, and from there by a transfer van to Capitol Hotel at Jalan Bukit Bintang, with all in at RM18 per person -which was a lot cheaper when compared to taking a cab.

LCC-T lives up well to its name - simple but functional.

There have been adverse comments on the over-simplicity of LCC-T, saying it might impact our image unfavourably .

But, I incline to be of opinion that it might be a bit over-pessimistic to express such fears since LCC-T is a decently built up terminal with functionality beyond any reasonable doubt.

After checking in the hotel, we took a cab to KLCC to join in the bustling exhibition.

The picture shows the main entrance to KLCC.

The posh interiors of KLCC.
At the entrance to Culinaire Malaysia 2007 where admission was strictly by fee - paying.

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