Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Veils over involvement in gangsterism - Part 1

Sibu is again in the limelight, dwarfing even the on-going trial of of the blasted-to-death murder of Alantuya, a Mongolian model.

BERNAMA, our national news agency, made four days back a release that took the whole nation in general and Sarawak in particular, abruptly shaken, leaving the masses with mouths wide open and turning to each other with puzzling looks.

High ranking political leaders carrying Datukships with suspected involvement in gangsterism is already not freshly baked news. There have been talks high and low- and wild guessing is like bush fire spreading all over. Just go to kopitiam for a cup of kopi-o and you will appreciate better what I mean.

But the veils remain tight over the faces, thus prompting even more buzzing with rumours.

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