Thursday, June 28, 2007

Veils over involvement in gangsterism - Part 2

The BERNAMA 's release had not lifted the veils- it merely made them become more transparent now, taking people one step closer to the true identities.

A practising lawyer in Sibu questioned the credibility of the news release, pointing out that since all police investigations are classified as official secrets, it would have been law-infringement on the very first place to divulge the information through release.

Very logical argument- but he missed out one crucial point. BERNAMA is a national news agency- essentially it is a government press arm. It logically follows that all its releases carry certain weight by virtue of its status. As far as I understand, all its releases are subject to tight screening.

It would be, therefore, quite unbelievable under these circumstances, for BERNAMA to release news nationwide with no basis. Simply put, a hearsay would not get through the strict filtration procedure of BERNAMA.

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