Friday, June 29, 2007

Second International Borneo Tattoo Convention - A Living Design On A Living Canvas

The very much awaited 2nd International Borneo Tattoo Convention has finally kicked off in Sibu- the central region of Sarawak with vast potentials but presently still undercultivated in tourism.

Potentially a tourist puller event, the tattoo convention deserves back-up from our government to a greater extent. Sibu needs more of this type of art-related function to popularise the region as a tourist destination.

Tourism is just about selling what we have- and since we are rich in tattooing art, let's utilize it to the full to develop this industry.

Tattoo is a form of art on human bodies. To put it more artistically, it is a living design on a living canvas, as one medical specialist quoted to me in a studio at Bukit Aup this afternoon.

Tattoo artists from all over the world made full use of Bukit Aup to set up, individually, tattoo studios. The tattooing skill opened my eyes to this art- and I hope it would be an eye-opener to more people in Sibu for the next two days!

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