Friday, June 29, 2007

Second International Borneo Tattoo Convention - A Pictorial Record

My repeated attempts to upload images to my blog failed to work last night. Not bowing to failures, I gave to it another try - and, great, I got it this time!

Pictures speak louder than words. The pictorial record serves as a permanent reminder to all people in Sibu to do their bit for our tourism, as Cr. Robert Lau and Mr. Chambai Lintong have exemplified.

If we all set our minds on Sibu and gear it to a destination of visits by tourists, then, I believe there is plenty of hope for our dear home town.

With our government playing the lead role, let's all do it for Sibu for the benefits of everybody.

Alexander Hilbert, hailing from Switzerland, proudly shows off his tattooed body. More people have started to appreciate this bodily art. With Alex is Annie, a staff member of Premier Hotel.

Naza and J. Terdn , of Spanish descent, are more than happy to let me take a snapshot of them. They are showing to us that art is for appreciation.

A tattoo artist with meticulous skill and care is working on "a living design on a living canvas".

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