Saturday, June 16, 2007

A striking headline

This striking headline gave me a moment of sorrow early in the morning- not that I was acquainted with her, but for the loss of a precious life.
The tragedy took place on the highway at Sarikei side. Freshly graduated from a local college, her 4WD collided with a coach and she was killed on the spot.
I am sure all feeling readers would have sorrowed over the death- you see, gone was the life of a young graduate with very bright future ahead of her.
Actually come to think of it, our earthly life is just too swift- in fact, it is just a glimpse in the eyes of our God.
God plans a much more valuable life for all of us in eternity- through accepting Jesus Christ as our personal saviour.
God promises to give the gift absolutely free so long as you repent and receive Jesus Christ into your life as saviour.

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