Friday, June 15, 2007

My breakfast at Palace Cafe

I went to Palace Cafe located on the ground floor of Palace Theatre Building at Workshop Road for my breakfast this morning.

This kopitiam (in Hokkien,coffeeshop) is medium-sized, reasonably hygienic and rather simple -looking. The tawkey (in Foochow, owner) takes on both kopi-o and kampua stalls, side by side, and manages quite well. He lets out the mee stall to add to varieties.

I ordered a cup of techi kosong (tea with evaporated milk- minus sugar) and a toasted bun (with kaya and margarine filling). I love it for breakfast- light, yet tasty. I always keep my morning meal simple to avoid bloated feeling.

This kopitiam perhaps serves one of the best techi in Sibu- of course only to the best of my knowledge. One reason could be the tawkey is dead serious in making tea for his customers- that 's why it turns out to be irresistibly good.

The kopitiam tawkey works with great zeal and he is sociable. A keen learner, he goes to English tuition class after work. Occasionally, he would bring up to me for sharing the flaws that he found in his tutors' teaching. The moments were light over the exchange of views.

The tawkey's untiring learning spirit is most admirable. At times, I think I have something to learn from him!

I had a truly enjoyable breakfast this morning.

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