Thursday, June 14, 2007

My tmnet streamyx line

My tmnet streamyx line has been a source of frustration. By a rough estimate, barely about three quarters of the time the line is hooked up. In other words, a quarter of my fee goes down the drain!

Driving me crazy to the extreme is when I am ready to post, the line all of sudden goes off. On a few occasions the blinking signal skipped my attention and I unknowingly went ahead to press to send, and- alas, gone was my work!

This sort of breakdown in line connection would easily take half an hour to restore. It really kills our time-and, worse still, we are paying full fee for the access service.

I am certainly not alone in crying out for better connectivity!

tmnet streamyx promises to provide "always on" connection to the internet. But judging from the quality of service I am getting, I am not hesitant at all to say that I am a very unhappy consumer.

I understand that tmnet monopolises the market in Sarawak in internet service. Standard economic theory tells me that, in a monopoly situation, overall social welfare declines, because some consumers must choose second-best products.

It is, therefore, high time for another player to come in to provide competing services for the betterment of consumers at large in Sarawak.

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