Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today scammers abound the market! This bunch of crooks have been around for long time, just that with the advent of modern IT, they sneak around now preying on unsuspecting innocents much more easily than it was imaginable just five years back.

In June 2000, I received a faxed letter from South Africa seeking collusion for mutually beneficial financial deals. The sugary letter sounded so convincing that it could easily put an unsuspecting recipient off his guard and fall to it. I chose to ignore it.

Nowadays, facsimile is seldom used by the scheming cheats. Instead they make use of internet and SMS to disseminate cooked-up stories.
The stories of preys being trapped by sweet talks continue to be endless despite reminders through media.

Actually scammers just capitalise on human lust for easy and quick gains. If you open yourself to their slick talks , then you are sure to have a nightmare to go through.

Ignore them is the advice. Professor Milton Friedman (the winner of Nobel Prize in Economics in 1976) had this golden quote for everybody: "There is no such thing as free lunch."

Scammers don't give out free lunch for nothing, never! Don't ever go for it-you will regret if you do.

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