Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Swan-the emblem of Sibu

This stone-carved statue of a swan- the emblem of Sibu-is a project of Sarawak 3rd 6th & 7th Divisions Lin Clan Association, Sibu Branch and Sibu Municipal Council under smart partnership.

Sibu has exemplified in government-with-people partnership to beautify the town through adoption plans.

The projects all worked out so impressively well that the smart partnership idea has been adopted by some other local governments.

Now back to swan as the emblem- the legend has it that in olden days, swimming swans made Rajang River a wonderful scene, so much so that it was at one time called Swan River.

Swans are uniquely adorable and with their legendary origin, they best symbolize Sibu. They are simply a living emblem!

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