Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ah Jib Ge In Sibu - Part 2

Ah Jib Ge
Ah Jib Ge flew in with something big for Sibuians. Last night (April 26) at a community dinner at Kingwood Hotel, Ah Jib Ge announced that a technology university would be set up in Sibu. This was certainly not a joke, as according to Ah Jib Ge, the work on the proposed university would start as early as in June this year. This was a pre-election big wow for Sibu. Having a full-fledged university in Sibu has been the dream of all Sibuians, and Ah Jib Ge, by a stroke of his pen, made it a realisation. Last night the whole of Sibu was filled with election drumming! A big thumb up to Ah Jib Ge! Picture: See Hua Daily News

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