Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ah Jib Ge In Sibu - Part 1

Our PM Najib (now popularly known as Ah Jib Ge)will be in Sibu for a two-day visit from 27th-28th April. Ah Jib Ge certainly comes here not just to drink kopi-o with Sibuians at Central Market for nothing. Our PM is now on pre-election warming-up exercise natiowide, druming up support for BN in the upcoming 13th GE. Ah Jib Ge shied away from Sibu twice after BN's defeat in the by-election in May 2010. During one rally at Rejang Park, Sibu in the by-election campaign, Ah Jib Ge caused a stir by quoting "You help me, I help you". Karpah Singh of DAP challenged back, saying he might bring it to court for interpretation. Although it was two years already, Sibuians still quote that "notable quote". Let us see what Ah Jib Ge has got to say after two years! Picture:

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