Monday, August 16, 2010

Sibu Hit By Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

Ten years ago numerous Get-Rich-Quick schemes swept all over Malaysia. Sibu apparently was the hardest-hit town with countless of wealth-seekers being sweet-talked into investing in the pyramid schemes.

The hit started in 1999 and lasted for about two years. I encountered one scene when streams of keen investors queued up at five-foot-way with piles of hard cash waiting for their turns to dump in money to get the promised "easy, quick and high" returns. I was totally shocked by the euphoria of the crowd.

Quite a lot of people came up to me for advice, including some church leaders. I told them outright: Economically speaking, the schemes are not logical at all!

The pictures were taken during BCF 2010.


Anonymous said...

Some tattoos are temporary which can come off when you decide to stop seeking for attention. Sex tattoos can be found on prostitudes bodies. In Sarawak, Ibans have tattoos because it shows that they are so man and so brave. Money is power. Knowledge is power comes later. Why not have tattoo tourism so that all the white people come here with their money and get them repainted and redesigned to make them look not so white ?

Bengbeng said...

actually i was tempted to get an air brush tattoo myself for a not so noticeable part of the anatomy myself just for fun.. after all it is not permanent :)

Anonymous said...

Oh ya ! Ladot Toursim Malaysia seeks super rich kiwis to come here ! Get all the redundant Ibans to come out from their longhouses and start refreshening up their age old tradition.