Monday, August 23, 2010

The Crying Sibu

Half of Sibu is in water again!

And it makes the call for an effective flood mitigation project more urgent!

Sibu needs not only listening ears, but also action politicians with commitment!

The above pictures were taken from the rooftop of Premier Hotel. Meng Lei and Liong were caught in action!

Sibu In Water-From The Rooftop of Premier Hotel


Jan Zhen said...

Heard that previously, the excavation
of river sand is free but now cost
RM15 per bucket so sand left to build
up on river bed and therefore FLOOD.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

If only the river water can be changed to Teh much money can we make?

Jokes aside...this is really a serious problem we cannot hide under the carpet....Pitiful people who have to live with floods more than twice a year...

Floods and mudslides...nature is telling us something...

Anonymous said...

Nature or God has been telling us that for donkey years. But still got plenty of ear wax. 1Malaysia. Everyone is the same. Shouldn't Sibu be as dry and as developed as Putrajaya ? You talk about 1 as in one as in everything is the same. That's some people's interpretation. Whoever steals the money, hand back. It is not your money. It is my money. You borrow it. You have to pay back. If you borrow Ah Long's money, pay back with interest. Rakyat didahulukan. Sibu people want a smart tunnel so that floods do not occur and disrupt the everyday's business. Pencapaian diutama. A tunnel. An effective drainage system. Hey ! Why not just move the whole population at the government's expenses since it is our money anyway ?

Anonymous said...

They (those with power or those in the government agencies) said the longkau project is proven effective because the flood waster got drained faster. What the hell are they talking about? Shouldn't they feel the shame in the first place by letting Sibu flooded? They did not understand the suffering of the people.

Anonymous said...

WE need PEOPLE POWER to get rid of the corrupted State Govt.. follow other examples like how people power got rid of Marcos, etc etc

Let organize a people uprising or revolt